Core Trays and Core Boxes for the Mining Industry

National HUB LLC supplies Core Trays, Chip Trays and Core Sample Bags for the mining industry and used by many of the world’s leading mining houses. The Core Trays and Core Boxes have been designed from the ground up to prevent workplace injuries such as cuts, strains, and lifting injuries, associated with handling core trays. It all starts with our unique side handles that allow the plastic core tray to be lifted comfortably and in a natural way. By lifting the core tray by its sides, the risk of strain injuries to wrists and elbows is greatly reduced. End handles have also been incorporated into the design to allow the tray to be handled when on workbenches or conveyor systems. All handles incorporate comfort grips.

The Core Trays and Core Boxes have been specifically designed with flat bottoms to be handled effortlessly on any work surface - no catching on table edges and tops, no jamming in conveyor rollers and no problems with pallets! Core Samples Bags are built tough and field proven! Our bags are made from the thickest practical material for each bag size, providing heavy duty puncture and tear resistance without wasting resources. Every plastic bag we sell is UV Stabilized for use outdoors, providing protection against degradation from the sun - Saving you money on re-bagging costs as well as saving excess bags from entering landfill and the environment.