Diamond Products for Exploration and Geotechnical Drilling

HARDCORE DIAMOND PRODUCTS - Manufacturer of wide range of diamond products for exploration and geotechnical drilling requirements.

National HUB LLC stocks the HARDCORE range of impregnated diamond bits and reaming shells. These are manufactured in Australia and are available in a complete series from 1 to 15. The bits are also available in various designs and sizes from wire line to conventional and TT series. HARDCORE manufacture conventional and wireline core bits to suit all barrel configurations up to an outside diameter of 250mm.


Tailor-made, drill bit designs are available to optimize wear patterns through different rock formations. These unique designs are made using AutoCAD to ensure balanced surface areas throughout rotation.

All impregnated items are available in HARDCORE’s ever reliable traditional matrix recipes or the recently developed “M” series which is fast becoming the “weapon of choice” for those customers looking to further reduce their cost per meter.

Our customers demand extreme performance. An exploration driller’s success depends upon his productivity and the performance of his drilling equipment. To meet this demand for extreme performance, HARDCORE has developed the new M-SERIES diamond bit series. HARDCORE introduces M-SERIES, innovative new technology using advanced metallurgy and scientific research, resultant from more than 10 years of field experience. M-SERIES diamond bits will revolutionize mineral exploration. M-SERIES bits drill faster, last longer, and perform in a wider range of drilling conditions and formations. The extended range and versatility of the M-SERIES diamond bit series means fewer bits are needed on the job site plus increased productivity throughout the entire operation, equaling more core in the box.

HARDCORE ’s drilling experience in the field drives the innovation behind the M-SERIES diamond bit series. With patented technologies and customer collaboration, our engineers designed the highest performing diamond bit that optimizes efficiency and productivity. M-SERIES bits were tested at sites around the globe, at the most remote locations and in the harshest drilling conditions.

M-SERIES diamond bits are versatile, capable of turning easily from one ground formation to another. They are durable, able to resist wear and the punishment of extreme conditions. And they are HARDCORE’s most productive bit ever with increased output, efficiency, and spectacular performance at sites around the world.

A driller’s success is based on a simple formula = measure the output, per unit of input. Whether you measure your productivity by meters drilled, time down the hole, or core in the box, M-SERIES diamond bits offer extreme performance for your exploration operations.

M-1-6 SERIES bit was the original M-SERIES bit. HARDCORE developed an impregnated diamond bit with the performance and reliability required to replace traditional surface-set diamond bits. The large synthetic diamonds provide excellent penetration and longer bit life. Drillers report a minimum of 200% life over traditional surface-set bits. Many surface-set drillers never had a reason to leave their traditional technology behind for impregnated diamond bits – until now.

M-7-8 SERIES bit is extreme durability. This bit begins with the proven technology of the M-1-6 SERIES, and extends it beyond traditional surface set applications, offering the greatest versatility. With a durable, resilient matrix, good for use in ground conditions ranging from soft to medium-hard, the M-7-8 SERIES bit optimizes the ratio of bit life to drilling production.
M-9-15 SERIES bit is extreme penetration. Equipped with customer feedback and decades of experience and global testing, the M-9-15 SERIES bit is our fastest penetrating bit, featuring advanced technology for a free-cutting matrix good for use in medium to the hardest ground formations. This bit maximizes productivity and will become the new industry standard in performance.
The VORTEX diamond bits feature HARDCORE patented VORTEX. VORTEX technology enables the use of large synthetic diamonds with an innovative formula, increasing penetration through various ground formations while providing longer bit life. Grooves on OD will provide freer cutting bit without changing the matrix, also known as turbo.
BIG JOHN CROWN - Patented technology enables the use of large, synthetic diamonds, increasing penetration through changing ground conditions and provides longer bit life. 16mm matrix height, 4 diamond reinforcing pins per segment and additional waterways, used if bit gauges are being worn out prematurely. Stage waterway design allows the tallest crown height in the industry, enabling time savings and increased productivity.


HARDCORE manufacture rod and casing shoes for all common pipe size.
ROD AND CASING SHOES - Robust shoes designed for the toughest of applications.
CASING ADVANCER SHOES - Special shoes to allow for correct operation of casing advancer.
REAMING BITS – To ream over stuck rods or barrel with ID at correct size to prevent any complications. We have our standard sizes but are happy to entertain any size you have a passion for.


PCD bits utilize replaceable cutters and are ideal for softer formation and over burden applications.
BURDEN BUSTER – Developed for over burden applications as its cutters are recessed into the matrix offering cutter protection, available with API or W thread connections.
AGGRESSOR – Perfect for coal and soft rock formations, the cutters are very exposed resulting in fast production rates, available with API or W thread connections.
DOME – Uses more PCD cutters which provides a less aggressive profile giving the potential for increased cutter life available with API or W thread connections.
PCD CORING BITS – All common core sized with different size cutters available for different formations in internal discharge, face discharge or sand designs.
PCD STABILIZER – Designed to hold PCD bit certainly in hole with large flats to allow cuttings to clear easily.


HARDCORE manufacture a wide range of bits to assist in successfully reaching your intended terget.
TAPERED FACE WEDGING BIT – 30-degree taper face.
STEP BITS – Generally 7 steps on OD.
INTERNAL STEP BITS – Designs vary with number of steps to suit individual applications.
GEAR BITS – Designed to minimize the hole from lifting, in some cases has caused holes to drop. With its free cutting face it is useful for low powered rigs when bit weight isn’t available.
NAVI (Down the Hole Motor) BITS – Full range of bits for use with commonly available motors.


DOUBLE DIMPLE – Large stones that protrude from the bit face providing a very aggressive cutting face for soft rock applications.
FACE DISCHARGE BITS – No internal waterways and face discharge ports to prevent fluid from washing away sample.
SAND BITS – Large ID waterways reduces fluid velocity to prevent washing away sample, good it face discharge ports are getting blocked.


Reamer shells are available as Front and Backend in all sizes and feature deep, high volume waterways to allow for faster removal of cuttings and improved performance. The new “XXX” extremely heavy duty reamer packed with high quality diamonds for deep holes or abrasive ground conditions.
Rodline reamers with rod thread pin/box connection to fit into rod string to guarantee hole size and reduce vibration.
There are various sizes of Oversize reamers available to assist in directional drilling or clearing cuttings.
Double padded reamers are offered with a tube extension to improve core barrel stabilization. In addition multi-padded reamers are also available. Generally used to follow after a navi-cut.


HOLE OPENERS – Designs for both “push” and “pull” applications.
OVERSIZE – When more annulus is required both bits and reamers can be manufactured for required dimensions.
DIAMOND PILOTS – Used on the front of a hole opener to follow the existing hole when encountering obstruction is possible.